Welcome to our Movement

What is the Tree of Liberty?

The Tree of Liberty is an organization who wants to see people free. We are unapologetically for liberty.

What does the Tree of Liberty do?

We have two main goals:

A. Promote libertarian ideals through the use of online media

B. Give advertisement to liberty through the use of fashionable merchandise

We see it imperative to act towards these two goals in order to reach our ultimate goal of promoting liberty.

Why should I support the Tree of Liberty?

If you want to see people free then we can sincerely assure you that we want to see that as much as you do. With your help we can make libertarianism a recognized option for the people.

 Why the name "Tree of Liberty"?

Prior to the American Revolutionary War, the Sons of Liberty would often meet up at a "Tree of Liberty" or "Pole of Liberty" to spread their ideas, and we feel as if this is a good metaphor for this organization. The Tree of Liberty is a place where libertarian ideals are spread, and with your help, these ideals will manifest in our society.